Back In The 60s We Boomers Believed We Could Change The World


76 million strong, with one quarter of our lives yet to live, we Boomers are not retiring in the old sense of the word. Instead we are pioneering a new and productive life stage between work and old age, characterized by flexibility and choice rather than necessity and obligation.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent our lives and realize our true aspirations. We can focus on the things important to us and pursue them in our own good time. We may return to something we put aside in our youth, devote more time to things we could only do in our time off or explore new options. We can go back to school, start a new career or avocation, travel, devote our energies to solving problems and helping others, take up a sport, immerse ourselves in the arts or do all these things.

A return to our youthful ideals; to challenge the notion that material success is the key to satisfaction, live simply and green, take time to smell the roses, do our own thing, expand our minds, see the world, seek inner peace and peace for the world, will reawaken the dream that called to us so long ago and insure this time of life is our best yet.

Life in the 60s
As we Boomers enter our 60s, our lifestyle is ironically morphing into the kind of life we lived in the 60s, albeit with less hair.
The Baby Boomer Generation "Retires " Retirement.
The Baby Boomer Generation is redefining retirement as we have every life stage we have passed through.
What Next for Boomers?
Maybe it’s time to quit the rat race but what next?
The Reality of Retirement Living
Though we all dream of the day we can sleep till noon and spend the day as we choose, after an initial honeymoon the reality of retirement living poses many unexpected challenges.
Fulfill Your Retirement Wishes
With the extension of our productive years and the freedom to shape our own destiny, we Baby Boomers have the opportunity to fulfill our deepest retirement wishes.
Retirement Activities Assessment Tool
Involving yourself in fulfilling activities is the secret to a happy retirement. Use this retirement activities assessment tool to help find those activities that will satisfy your personal needs.
Boomers Volunteer Opportunities
Now with the wisdom of experience, the gift of time, a little flower power, and infinite volunteer opportunities, we can still change the world.
Make Money After Retirement
Many baby boomers will need to make money after retirement age, others will choose to. Either way a second career can offer flexibility and fulfillment often lacking in the first.
Planning for retirement leisure is as essential to a successful retirement as planning for a secure financial future. Retirement satisfaction depends on how you spend your time not your money.
Retirement Interest Inventory
Finding your passion is the key to retirement success. Take this interest inventory and learn what brings you joy.
Sports and Fitness for Life
Sports and fitness provide the key to staying young
Hiram’s Tales of the 60s
In the Haight in the 60s spiritual teachers abounded.
Taking social security retirement benefits early may make sense.
Conventional wisdom touts the virtue of delaying your social security retirement benefits as long as possible but for some boomers taking their benefits early might be a better choice.
Boomers 60s Lifestyle Blog
Boomers 60s Lifestyle Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to web site
Boomers Making a Difference
Making a difference can start in your own backyard. Here is a story of how one dedicated volunteer using TNR (trap/neuter/return) made a difference in the lives of 12 very special cats.
The Baby Boomers Memory Test
Still as sharp as ever? This little game will tweak your memory of the baby boomers era. How much do you recall?
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Senior Discounts
Are you willing to confess you are a senior citizen if it is worth a few shekels? Claim your senior discounts and start saving.
For a happy retirement engage in rewarding activity
The seven essential activities for a happy retirement
Home Sharing
How long has it been since you had a roommate? Considering the benefits of home sharing, maybe it is time to again.

“It's not about retiring. It's about reordering your priorities.”

Bill Gates