___________Still Truckin' ___________ Make Money After Retirement

Many boomers will to continue to make money beyond retirement age because we must. We may need to supplement inadequate pensions and shrinking IRAs or pay for medical coverage. Others will work because we want to. But whether our motivation is out of necessity or personal satisfaction, our relationship to work will be different.

We may choose to step down to lower paying but less stressful positions or take the opportunity to strike out in new directions.

We may start our own business, turn a hobby into a second career, finally do what we always wanted, what we believe in and enjoy.

Second careers provide an element of choice and flexibility absent from our first. No longer compelled to climb corporate ladders or make a killing, we can work for whatever benefits we deem important. We can focus our energies on what interests us the most and what we truly care about. Was there a childhood dream abandoned for a sensible reality? Does the desire to make a difference still lurk? Do you want to make money but have time for other things as well? If you have always dreamed of being self employed now is a perfect time. With a pension and Social Security as a base of support, you won’t starve through the initial start-up, which could take two years or more and you’ll be better able to weather the inevitable ups and downs of establishing a business.

Personal computers, cell phones and Blackberries make running a business easier and more efficient than ever and open up a world of home business possibilities, saving the expense of the commute and an outside office or store. Using today’s technology, anyone with expertise in a field, passion or hobby can have their own successful website or publish their own book.

Alternatives to the traditional nine-to-five offer ways to enjoy the profits of work at a more relaxed pace. Phased retirement, flex time, job sharing, part-time, temporary, seasonal and consulting work all provide ways to continue working while having more free time. Telecommuting and home businesses let you work from home or satellite offices.

Though we bring with us experience, skills, a strong work ethic and knowledge honed over a lifetime, finding suitable work presents challenges for everyone. Difficult and changing economic times, as well as prejudice against older workers, impart further barriers. Those of us who wish to make money after retirement will need to be creative, flexible and persistent.

“It's not about retiring. It's about reordering your priorities.”

Bill Gates