Retirement Activities Assessment Tool

A Fulfilling Retirement Results From Involvement In Rewarding Activities. But How Do You Choose The Right Activities For You?

This assessment tool will help clarify your incentives so you can pick those activities that will make your retirement truly fulfilling.

Rank the Following Motivations In Order of Preference

Rather than analyzing a list of hobbies or jumping to take the advice of friends and family who say things like, “you ought to take up golf,” consider what you want to gain from your pursuits. If you know what you want to get out of your retirement activities you can make better choices.

Ask yourself what retirement activities can fulfill your strongest motivations. Many activities can satisfy several incentives at once.

Gardening can contribute to appreciation of beauty, sense of accomplishment, appreciation of nature, physical fitness and creative expression. If you participate in a garden club or community garden, socialization becomes a factor. If you enter your prize roses in contests, the needs for competition and recognition could also be met.

Genealogy is a challenging pursuit where countless hours of painstaking research can result in a real sense of accomplishment. It can connect you to long lost relatives and stimulate your adventurous side, encouraging you to travel vicariously or actually to your places of origin.

Volunteering serves many purposes besides helping others. It can challenge you in unexpected ways, stimulating you to find new purpose and direction while providing outlets for recognition and bringing you in contact with all kinds of people.

The arts provide unlimited paths to creative expression and appreciation of beauty. Activities such as painting or crafting can be extremely relaxing while challenging you to put forth your best effort.

Sports such as tennis or golf can bring out your competitive side and supply your needed exercise. Or you can choose an activity such as Tai Chi that also teaches you to relax. Such activities will help you stay physically fit, challenge and stimulate you.

“It's not about retiring. It's about reordering your priorities.”

Bill Gates